Now offering both.... Grain Finished or
100% Grass Fed Beef!!!

About Our Cattle

The cattle at Running M Ranch are of critical importance.  We raise all natural Black Angus cattle.  Black Angus cattle are well known for being the best tasting beef available.  This is because of their natural marbling ability which leads to a tender and flavorful eating experience.  If you start with the best beef breed, feed them the best feed, and give them the best care, the result is the best tasting beef possible!  Try some; I’m sure you will agree that it is simply the best family eating experience!


How We Raise Our Cattle

At Running M Ranch we incorporate progressive animal husbandry practices to insure the best possible care and comfort for the cattle.

This includes: nutritional testing of forages to insure a completely balanced diet, a health maintenance program to insure all possible sickness is prevented, human handling to prevent nervousness and injury, and implementation of natural windbreaks for shelter from the environment.

Most grocery store bought beef comes from cattle raised in crowded confined pens with dirt floors.  The cattle that are raised in confined pens are often prone to chronic sickness and require antibiotics to be added to their feed to keep illness at a minimum.  This has been a major contributing factor to the increase in antibiotic resistance bacteria, which puts all of us at an increased risk.  At Running M Ranch our cattle spend the vast majority of their time grazing in large pastures as nature intended. We never feed antibiotics to any cattle we market.  We will use antibiotics for treatment of injury ONLY, so that the cattle will not needlessly suffer.  However, ALL animals treated with antibiotics are REMOVED from the herd once healthy and prior to marketing.  Therefore, everything we sell has NEVER had any antibiotics. In addition to antibiotics, most beef that you find in the grocery store has been injected with hormones to increase the size of the animal.  The health ramifications of this are still unclear even though the USDA has approved the practice.  At Running M Ranch we NEVER use hormones on the animals we market.  Our philosophy is that with proper nutrition and care the animal will naturally reach its intended maximum size.  We further believe that unnatural levels of hormones in beef should be avoided.  We believe the old fashion chemically free method of raising beef is best and ask why consume any unnecessary chemical.

How Our Cattle are Finished

Finishing cattle is the final step in raising cattle.  It is the process that adds flavor and tenderness to the meat by adding marbling.  At Running M Ranch we use a process that has a long family history and has been passed down from our Great Grandfather Ira Mount.  We use a proprietary balanced blend of high protein natural forages and grains.  We are convinced that our finishing protocol is the very best available and consistently produces the most tender,  best tasting, best marbled beef possible.

The Next Step-From Beef to Burger


There is just one more step; the processing.  We use traditional dry aging of our beef for additional tenderness and flavor.  Most current processing plants will NOT spend the extra time required even though they will admit it is beneficial.   Thus the meat you get in the grocery store isn’t given the processing care required to produce the best eating experience.  We have our beef processed in a USDA inspected, family owned shop.  We use the famous Jenson Family, Blue Ribbon Processing Shop located in Fowler Colorado.  It has been in the same family for four generations and they have won almost all the major awards available in their industry.   They have a tremendous selection of products that can be made from our beef such as hamburger patties, all beef hot dogs, and a variety of sausages.  They take the time to cut and package to your size and specifications. They also use vacuum sealed packaging for added storage life and convenience.

Our Promise to You

We are confident that we are providing the very best beef available by starting with the best Black Angus cattle, feeding them the best feed, giving them the very best care and using the very best processing available.  It is our promise to provide your family with all natural, safe, healthy, flavorful, beef and with the best eating experience possible.

While beef production is our primary focus we also raise a limited amount of pork as well.  We take the very same care in raising our pork as we do our beef.



“Our first purchase occurred two years ago.  The first thing we did when we received it was put a sirloin on the grill no seasoning, nothing!  It was so tender and good, we had never tasted such good beef and we were so happy with our decision.  I love the fact that my family is eating all natural beef, that we are fueling our local economy, and that I always have meat in the freezer! If you have decided to invest this way in your food I highly recommend Running M Ranch.  They do business and live life with the utmost integrity.”

Josh and Renee, Pueblo, CO